Who we are

Welcome to Rabbit Hole's second year.

Last year was an utterly glorious sight to see, three thumbs up sorta shit. We couldn't have asked for anything more and we didn’t expect anything less. We gave it our best and to our delight our first year was a success, Yeow!

We thank every-single-one of you who graced our green fields with your radiant energies and glowing smiles. Your glitter filled faces line our vision as we excitedly prepare for this coming year.

You are our heart and without your beat we simply could not exist.

So truly, from everyone here in the rabbit's burrow, we sincerely thank each and every one of you for making this year possible.

Now lets get this show on the road.

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Ripper Rita. Bonza Barry.

Although we are young we are set on providing you with a truly unique experience that cannot be explained, elaborated or expressed with words. Similar to the structure of a dream we wish to leave you floating somewhere between then and now as we transport you to a land of bliss, freedom and unity. Where who you are and what you do gets cloaked upon arrival allowing you to shed your skin and momentarily emancipate yourself from the shackles of society.

We strive to break the social normalities and formalities of what a festival "should be" and are here to be dashingly different in every imaginable way.

In the same way that Billy Maddison drew a blue duck because he had never seen a blue duck before, we hope to make Rabbit Hole something you have never seen before.

We plan to create something rare and unique. Something unadulterated and pure. Something wild and true! (..and for Billys sake also something blue).

Who we are

Acceptance is a must at Rabbit Hole, In a world riddled with discrimination we hold this close to our chests. Acceptance for different types of music. Acceptance for different types of people. Acceptance the deep truth that we are all human, we are all connected and we are all one.

So if you are struggling to adapt to evolution and cannot grasp this concept we highly suggest you refrain from buying a ticket. Sorry. It's nothing personal. We just don’t like jerks.

Our main priority is providing you with a warm fuzzy feeling that we encourage you to take home. Through reading all the right books backwards we've come up with a formulation that is guaranteed to please.

We've decided to keep things simple. We’re not trying to be something we’re not nor live up to any expectations of what we should be. Why would we? We’re just going to keep being ourselves 'cos everybody else is taken.

And right now that's exactly what we are. Honest, diverse and accepting.

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Our destiny is to give you great local acts from an array of musical genres at an affordable price in a beautiful location. No bull. That's it. Capeesh. Done.

We want the Rabbit Hole grounds to be a plateau of unity. A place where music from different backgrounds co-exist in harmony and where people from various classes dance side by side in unison to the same beat.

In a world governed by corporate greed and financial gain we repel such notions and revert back to what’s real. Expression. We're not here for fame. We’re not here for wealth. We’re not here for glory.

We're just here to present to you three days of music, art and love. We hope you enjoy.

So here you have it, with my greatest please I give to you, Rabbit Hole 2017.

Have a nice trip!

With love,

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