Getting there

Although there is no yellow brick road, there is google maps and good will. Rabbit hole music and arts festival is held on "Morphs farm" in the sunny capital of Merton, Victoria, Just down the road from Darryl Kerrigan's holiday house at Bonnie Doon.

The festival sits on a 600 Acre Dairy farm that shows off some of Victoria's most pristine land. With no shortage of space, a look out perched atop a hill and a beautiful fresh water creek the site has it all.

Car pooling is strongly encouraged by everyone involved here at Rabbit Hole. Not only does it cut down carbon emissions but it gives you a chance to play i-spy with your friends. There are no car pass requirements for Rabbit Hole, all you need is your ticket, a positive attitude and a pocket full of smiles.

For those seeking public transport options you’re in luck! There is a V LINE bus that travels from Southern Cross station to Mansfield, which conveniently stops in Merton that is only a short walk from the festival site.

Looking forward to seeing you all there for this fantastic year!

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